Assisting employees to develop their own unique career skills

Change is the one constant that will always be in our lives. Our work environment is continually changing and evolving, and we must be able to grow and expand our thinking and skills to meet the needs of today’s business. In addition to our work, we have personal lives which is also a changing landscape. From the time we leave school, the road ahead generally looks something like this: enter the workforce, partner or marry, have children or not, become an awesome grandparent, travel the world, and so on. No matter where your journey takes you, the fact remains that we are more productive and content, whatever stage we’re at, when we have control of our life.

Career counselling and development is focused on this lifelong process; this journey. Daly & Ritchie’s career counsellors work with our clients to assist them to gain an understanding of their journey. This process is focused solely on our client; you. Using therapeutic models, we assist people to:

  • develop their self-awareness by evaluating their own abilities, interests and values, all of which are connected to their own professional development,
  • set goals that are in line with their talents, strengths and career choices,
  • develop career planning that includes education, job search, resume writing and interviewing, and
  • initiate coping strategies and planning, to reduce distress and anxiety and increase confidence

At Daly & Ritchie, we understand that life can be hectic, as work, study and looking after families and ourselves takes the majority of the day. We therefore provide flexible services that include an after-hours service that can be accessed before or after work, either face to face or on the phone. We look forward to hearing from you.

‘I feel honoured that I am given the opportunity to work with unique and talented people. Yet, I am still surprised that these talented people are uncomfortable when talking about their achievements’.