A healthy workplace means a productive workplace

Over the last decade there has been an increase in publications focused on healthy workplaces, in particular mentally healthy workplaces.

  • Presenteeism and absenteeism is estimated to have cost the Australian economy A$14.81 billion with direct costs to employers at $10.11 billion. Medibank Private (2008)
  • Mentally healthy workplaces were just as important to Australian employees as physically safe workplaces. TNS (2014) State of Workplace Mental Health in Australia
  • The estimated cost of depression and anxiety on the global economy is US$8 trillion per year on lost productivity. The World Health Organization (2017)
  • Approximately A$543 million is paid in workers compensation claims for work related mental health conditions. Safe Work Australia (2018)
  • Creating a psychologically healthy workplace shows a return of investment of A$2.30 for every A$1.00 spent. Price Waterhouse Coopers (2014)

Creating a healthy workplace, not only requires thinking about the physical environment that you provide to your employees – ergonomics, acoustics, air quality, lighting, noise, heating, cooling and the workspace, just to name a few. A healthy workplace also requires psychological support and a nourishing workplace culture.

Creating a healthy workplace requires a commitment from business and organisational leaders to review processes for ongoing development and to encourage employees to participate, knowing that their workplace is safe.

Daly & Ritchie works with organisations and businesses to assist them in achieving positive workplace environments that create an atmosphere of creativity and productivity. We look forward to having a conversation with you, as we work towards an environment of psychologically healthy workplaces.