Achieving effective leadership in the workplace

Leadership is an ongoing practice, one of self-improvement that requires daily attention. Leadership is changing and today’s leaders need to be self-aware, emotionally intelligent, authentic and collaborative. Leaders, in today’s environment should have an understanding of their strengths and the skills they need to develop. To be self-aware requires an understanding of:

  • the affect that your behaviour, as the leader, has on your team
  • your values and goals and those of the business; understand the path on which the team needs to focus
  • yourself … realistically, accurately and openly
  • your emotions and biases and how they may impact on yourself and others

Daly & Ritchie understand the challenges and complexities that managers face each day as we have been there ourselves. We also understand the uniqueness of each workplace, team and individual. The consulting and training provided by Daly & Ritchie is focused on the individual needs of the organisation and the employee. Tailored programs are delivered that meet the criteria that is best suited to those needs.

‘Leading virtual teams requires a leader to have trust, as people are required to work autonomously. If a leader cannot demonstrate trust then they need to look at themselves and ask – why?’