Often people ask James and I about the name Daly & Ritchie.

This is our story….

The name Daly & Ritchie represents the ethics, values and beliefs of who we are as individuals and as an organisation. People come into our lives who can influence how we see our world.

The foundation of Daly & Ritchie is based on the principals of James Daly and Harold Ritchie – two people who demonstrated commitment, respect and compassion, that had a significant influence on us, as our grandparents.

As the founders of Daly & Ritchie, we are connecting and working with people of different backgrounds, professions and life stories. We have been privileged to have worked with managers who genuinely support the people in their

teams. In addition, we have also been fortunate to work with people and managers who have struggled and demonstrated their commitment to change for the creation of productive, innovative and creative workplaces.

Our professional team consists of highly skilled, carefully selected Counsellors, Social Workers, Psychologists and Executive Coaches. Included in this team is our Client Relationship Managers whose role is to provide ongoing support as Daly & Ritchie meets your ongoing changing needs.

We have raised the bar on caring about people their workplace and organisation.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to have a conversation about your workplace.

Diana Sheehan

Understanding the importance of good workplace wellbeing

“When I talk to employers about mental health in the workplace, I find there are those who understand the importance of their employees practicing good mental health, who understand that good mental health means high productivity and high-quality work, and that a psychologically healthy workplace means that there is reduced absenteeism and presenteeism.

However, whilst understanding the importance of good mental health, employers often struggle with the practice of good mental health”.


Investing in the Health and Wellbeing of employees is an integral component for successful modern organisations.  Tracy Consulting Services (TCS) is proud to partner with Diana Sheehan from Daly & Ritchie to deliver a comprehensive suite of on-site Health and Wellbeing Programs and services to the employees of a local government council.  Di’s extensive knowledge and integrity, years of experience, and long-term working relationship with Council employees, is evident in her successful delivery of a contemporary and proactive Mental Health & Wellbeing Program to this important client.  Her caring, approachable and flexible style – whether it be providing one-on-one counselling to assist an employee with their personal mental health journey, providing outreach services across the business to build leadership capability at all levels to better manage psychosocial hazards and risks, or delivering training and awareness programs to build mentally healthy and resilient teams and working environments, perfectly integrates with, and complements our existing physical, medical, social and financial Wellbeing Programs.

Principal Occupational Health & Ergonomics Consultant
Tracy Consulting Services Pty Ltd