Who is Daly & Ritchie

With 16 years of experience in providing EAP counselling, consulting, training and supports services to the employees of organisations and businesses in Australia, Diana Sheehan and James Sheehan decided to launch Daly & Ritchie Consulting. Why? Because we believe in productive, innovative and healthy workplaces. 

Our experience extends to corporate, industrial and government sector organisations.  We have a strong focus on assisting organisation for several reasons: 1) working with management to help in building leadership capabilities, 2) to provide a primary proactive service that aids in the reduction of psychological risk and 3) to provide ongoing support through professional development programs. 

We welcome the opportunity to talk to you more about our services and programs.  Please reach out to Daly & Ritchie on 1300 84 44 33 or email support@dalyritchie.com.au

Investing in the Health and Wellbeing of employees is an integral component of successful modern organisations.  Tracy Consulting Services (TCS) is proud to partner with Diana Sheehan from Daly & Ritchie to deliver a comprehensive suite of on-site Health and Wellbeing Programs and services to the employees of a local government council.  Di’s extensive knowledge and integrity, years of experience, and long-term working relationship with Council employees is evident in her successful delivery of a contemporary and proactive Mental Health & Wellbeing Program to this important client.  Her caring, approachable and flexible style – whether it be providing one-on-one counselling to assist an employee with their personal mental health journey, providing outreach services across the business to build leadership capability at all levels to better manage psychosocial hazards and risks, or delivering training and awareness programs to build mentally healthy and resilient teams and working environments, perfectly integrates with, and complements our existing physical, medical, social and financial Wellbeing Programs.

Principal Occupational Health & Ergonomics Consultant
Tracy Consulting Services Pty Ltd